Deja Vu and Precognition

What is Deja Vu

‘I read that Deja Vu is fates way of telling you are exactly where you’re supposed to be. That’s why you feel like you’ve been there before.’ – Peter from Fringe, TV series

Hmm, deja vu means you’re right in line with your own destiny? That your destiny is prewritten? Everything planned out for you with no choice.

Perhaps it can be explained scientifically with the trusty all in one solution ‘a chemical reaction in the brain that explains all things weird’.

Personally speaking I don’t think anything is pre-planned and written. I think everyone has a choice. And so I think deja vu happens due to different factors.

Perhaps it happens when you see into the future through your dreams?

Now deja vu isn’t the same as precognition telepathy which involves visions of the past, present and future. Famous visionaries like Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce had visions so strong they were able to write them down for future generations. Visions that now are beginning to take added importance as we approach 2012 and beyond.

A lesser version of this is deja vu, the feeling of all ready seeing an event or being in a place. Personally I have always had very strong deja vu when in some cases it has made me feel quite sick (my ears ring, I feel slightly dizzy and there seems to be someone else looking through my eyes). That person I guess is future me, I have no doubt that deja vu happens when you look into the future through your dreams.

Now let me tell you about an extreme version of this deja vu happened to me which bordered on Precognition, aka a vision of the future.

I have always written down my dreams as habit as they can help in my creative process but also just by remembering them, I can regain the sensation of the dream itself, even if it is for just a fleeting moment.

Now one night after a particularly good night out drinking, I had a dream about 6 numbers on a piece of paper. I wrote them down straight away. I told my friends about the dream and they laughed until that Saturday all six came up (sadly I didn’t win big money because you needed 8 to hit the jackpot).

So I thought about what had happened and realised that in order for it to occur, I would have to have written the numbers on a piece of paper after I got the results. Then concentrate on them and send them back in time to when I slept. I did this after gaining the results which I guess is some weird form of time travel!

So how did this occur? Was it because I’d had a few drinks and as I was in an altered state? That when I was dreaming I could remember more? Certainly some artists and writers swear by drink and drugs to become more creative. But it was also reliant on me being aware enough to concentrate and send the numbers back to the past.

So I have to then ask the question, if I hadn’t done this, would I have had the dream in the first place?

How can this be?

Since then I have read many mystic books and come to an understanding. If everything in the universe is thought, including the past, present and future, then even though our bodies might be trapped in our current time our minds are certainly not.

Famous visionaries, like Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce, must have experienced something similar, from other people who witness the events.

Now it seems psychic predictions need to be dramatic in a good or bad way, so seers like Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce can see them, both usually remembered visions of great change and importance, which must be because of the energy that is generated from these events.

No one is going to have a vision of John Doe walking down the street because it is not interesting and instantly forgettable. On the other hand, events like assassinations, war and explosions all have massive energy created from the shock and awe at seeing and being there. The energy created gives the thoughts and feelings of such dramatic events a power and identity of its own, allowing visionaries in the past to see these future events

Remembering my dream of the 6 numbers, I can now assume that by concentrating on them it also gave energy to the numbers, enough to be able to have an identity of its own which I then saw in my dreams.

Deja vu is the same process as visions of the future but with a lesser impact. Skilled lucid dreamers speak of travelling into the past and future, so perhaps deja vu is as natural as remembering your dreams? Some people remember their dreams vividly and likewise experience deja vu and other people don’t dream and never have deja vu.

I’m betting on it being a talent that can be developed.

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